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January 2018

Well, Interactrice is twenty years old this year – who'd have thought it?

So there is more fun, research and wrestling with words to come, as well as new people to meet and problems to solve... we're more than ready!




Communication: it's essential to life: fascinating, at times frustrating and often taken for granted. For Interactrice, it's our reason to exist!

Improving communications – with customers, employees, suppliers, the community – is good for business and good for all of us…

I’m Annie McNamara and my unique approach to communications and design helps you reach people more effectively, with style, intelligence and warmth. Interactrice works with small businesses, multi-nationals, the NHS and many more.

To stand out from the crowd, forget jargon, cliché and all that mindless management– and marketing-speak. Most of us hate it, so why produce more? Instead, think about your audiences and what they need to know. Read more here…

inspiring communication for outstanding businesses